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Choose Your Own Adventure on a Sawtelle Japantown Dessert Crawl / Los Angeles Magazine

“One of the unlikeliest-looking desserts ever, Blockheads Shavery’s black-sesame snow cream with red beans and rice cakes comes in shades of gray, maroon, and cream that bring to mind the color palette of an ’80s office building. Don’t let the drabness fool you: This iced sweet packs a flavor wallop. The lightness of the snow cream, juxtaposed with the chewy rice cakes (nothing like the cracker-y things you buy for diet-related reasons), powdery beans, and syrupy condensed milk make for a visionary sundae. But if the flavor profile freaks you out, try the strawberry with brownie bites, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. Eat and repeat.”

A Guide To The Best Restaurants In The Newly-Christened Sawtelle Japantown / LAist

“Blockheads Shavery takes shaved ice to the next level. Instead of just regular Hawaiian shaved ice, their “snow cream” version, which is popular in Taiwan, is ice cream shaved down into ribbons of creamy goodness. It’s equal parts rich, light and fluffy. In the same vein as Pinkberry, you can customize your order with different snow cream flavors and choose from a long list of toppings—from fresh mangoes to honey boba and mochi—and sweet drizzle sauces—from strawberry puree to chocolate. And yes, you could really go overboard with the toppings like we have on many occasions.”

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It’s hot out: 6 top spots for Taiwanese shaved ice / Los Angeles Times

“Thank goodness for complimentary validated parking, or else we may never be able to get in line for this popular Westside snow cream place. Blockheads is one of the few shaved ice places on this side of town. The only reason to brave the line is for the black sesame flavor or one of the rotating seasonal ices. Avoid the green tea, which is powdery and takes away from the snow drift mouth feel we’re looking for in our xue hua bing. There is also location in Alhambra with no line.”

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Icy Shavings / Tastemade

“As it gets hotter in L.A., where do you cool off? If you’re looking for a cold treat different from your typical scoop of ice cream, try a bowl of…Blockheads shaved snow in Alhambra, we’ve included the best spots for ice-cold sweet treats.”